An In-Depth Look Into Successful Email Campaigns

It’s every marketer’s goal to deliver emails to a consumer base that is interested in receiving them. However, this is much easier said than done. But, with the right marketing schemes and tactics, it is an achievable objective that can be reached simply by funneling your targeted focus down to a few basic items. Most importantly, understanding the type of mail that your recipients want will keep your messages both relevant and interesting.

Stick With Your Campaigns Through Thick and Thin

Now, marketers need to commit themselves to delivering content that is wanted, or they face the risk of dropping engagement rates. At eTargetMedia, we strive to help your business succeed by incorporating everything that you will need to reach your client. In this day and age, it isn’t just about a solid clickthrough rate. Rather, you should be focusing on lead generation and actual sales. In order to achieve this, you must stay disciplined and only send messages that recipients have opted to receive. It’s important that you keep a watchful eye on all the statistics and analytics of the emails that you send out.

Adjust Your Strategies According to Trends

In addition to this, you must also be wary of trends throughout your entire campaign. What is currently working? What isn’t working? Email marketing is about trial and error. Only through enough experience will you begin to understand how to maximize the emails that you send out. eTargetMedia can help you through this process with their proven email lists and other services.

eTargetMedia – 5 Tips for Writing Effective Email Marketing Messages

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One of the most important elements of any email marketing campaign is writing effective marketing messages that are optimized to engage your customers and generate results. You will drive more leads/sales from your email messages if your email message is relevant to your customers needs and shopping preferences and has a purpose to motivate the customer to act on your email. Things like prominent call to actions, email personalization and engaging subject lines can all help boost your email marketing campaigns. Here are eTargetMedia’s 5 most important tips for writing effective email marketing messages.

01 – Get to the Point

Make sure your email marketing messages have a clear purpose. Your email copy should be short and to the point to optimize customer engagement. Email inboxes are more crowded than ever so it’s really important to grab your customer’s attention with concise offers that clearly outline what you are trying to pitch.

02 – Use Engaging Subject Lines

Entice your customers with an engaging subject line. Your subject line is the driving force behind whether your email recipients open your message or not. You need to create powerful subject lines that will motivate your customers to open the email. If your subject line fails to grab your customer’s attention, they may automatically delete the email and even if they open it, they may not give it their full attention.

03 – Personalize Your Email Marketing Messages

Include personalized content in your email marketing messages to make the email recipient feel like they are important to your business. This could include adding the person’s first name or a special promotion that is unique to them. You can also use customer segmenting to customize content to different consumer clusters. This can go a long way towards building customer brand loyalty.

04 – Use Optimized Preheader Text as an Extension of Your Subject Line

Preheader text is the short line of text at the top of your email that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Many email clients display preheader text to summarize the email to the receiver before they open it. Consumers often use the subject line and preheader text to decide whether or not to open your campaign. Keep your preheader text between 40-50 characters and make it compelling.

05 – Include a Strong Call to Action

The most successful emails include strong call to actions (CTAs). Make sure your email recipients know what you want them to do. Action verbs such as click here, order now, shop now, call now or sign up will encourage your customers to take the next step. Also, make sure you put your call to action in a prominent place and test different CTAs to see what generates the highest results.

eTargetMedia has the knowledge and experience to implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will produce measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues. eTargetMedia’s services include online and offline direct marketing, including; Targeted Email Lists, Postal Lists, Email Append and Creative Services. Learn more at

What “Not” to Do With Email Marketing

Successful email marketing stems from creative strategies and trial-and-error. However, many marketers tend to jump right into the fray and create sloppy campaigns. Uncoordinated emails can essentially lead to irreparable damage to a company’s image and sales. It’s a pitfall that can lead to unintended consequences for future business. Here are some common “no-no’s” that you should avoid during your marketing campaign.

Over Thinking Email Design

The creative process is understandably difficult, as you want your viewer to be intrigued by the email. However, it’s important that you don’t drag this period out as you’re just slowly chipping away at your potential return. eTargetMedia can help you solve your design issues with their specially-designed and easy-to-use design platform.

Toying With Emotion

Certain tragic events like the anniversary of 9/11 shouldn’t be used as a way to promote a product. No matter how sincere your intentions are, there will almost always be negative backlash. This may seem obvious to many, but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses that continue to offer tasteless promotions. And, with the heavy usage of social media, any negative publicity can become viral at any moment, taking away even your most loyal customers.

Actively Sending Emails

Frequenting emails may seem like a way for your customer base to be tuned in to your business’s current events, but, it can also be pretty “spammy” as well. Sending out a high volume of emails won’t increase your customer base. As a matter of fact, you might see more people unsubscribing because of this. Rather than unintentionally destroying your business, utilize the premiere email marketing platform that eTargetMedia has developed.

Targeted Email Lists Will Help You Drive Engagement And Get Noticed

At eTargetMedia, we value our customers’ success. With the advancement in technology and marketing schemes, it has become relatively harder to reach out to clients and gain business leads, not to mention the thousands of other companies that you’re competing against to get a single client.

Targeted Email Lists

This is why we created our target email lists for businesses that want to be one step ahead of their competition. We’ve been helping companies find and connect to their customers for over 25 years now. Through years of collecting data and perfecting our email lists, we guarantee that you’ll see results.

There’s an in-depth process to gathering the necessary data for your campaigns. It’s a critical factor in every campaign, as it leads to the ability to segment the information, and apply it to newer and more enriched campaigns.

Keep Your Business’s Customer Engagement Rate High

Growing and retaining your customer base is a crucial aspect in every business. There is always a need to implement new marketing strategies in order to reach out to new customers. Don’t settle for less than stellar results in your marketing campaigns, let eTargetMedia’s lists be your solution.

Handled By Experienced Hands

Each of our campaigns is managed by a team of experienced marketing strategists that will help guide on the right path based on your goals and objectives. In addition, they’ll implement a plethora of cross-channel capabilities that will assist you in finding high-quality customers. Don’t take on the arduous task of maintaining your campaigns alone, let our seasoned professionals at eTarget Media create, optimize, and manage your campaigns for you.

How Email Marketing Can Generate Leads For Your Business

Email-MarketingIf you own a small business and haven’t incorporated email marketing lists from eTargetMedia into your plans, then it’s about time that you made the switch to a cost-effective and productive strategy that’s helped thousands of businesses with their lead generation.


Email Remains Effective


Even with all of the other marketing technologies that are being used today, the simple form of email remains the most effective. With a low budget investment and a high return for marketers, it’s no wonder that this method is still standing strong in today’s times. This marketing medium remains familiar and comfortable to the average consumer. Therefore, businesses utilize it to reach out to their prospects, and with great success too.


Consider Your Emails


When businesses generate leads with email marketing, it’s not because they spam their prospects’ inbox until they finally cave in, which is completely unrealistic. It’s because they take time to analyze pertinent data that they can work with. The body of an email is more than just a product and a call to action, it’s a tactic that involves learning how to retain interest. This is why this marketing technique has evolved so much over the years.


Keep in mind that when you are considering email marketing that you carefully study who you are targeting. Consider the demographics, age groups, gender, interests, and impact that your product or service will bring into their lives. A plethora of businesses are already using eTargetMedia’s email lists as their marketing method. How will your campaign stand out from the thousands of other businesses looking to meet the same end goal?


Bio: eTargetMedia offers targeted postal and email lists along with creative services. eTargetMedia can help customers develop HTML email campaigns along with create or refine landing pages and websites.

Common Tips on Avoiding the Spam Filter

photo_59386_20160104-1024x712Written by: eTargetMedia

Realistically, a majority of the emails that you send out to prospects will land in the spam folder. Even if your intentions weren’t to bombard them with pointless information, various email clients will automatically associate your emails with spam. In order to reduce the chances that your email lands in the spam folder, you have to understand some of the most common terms that land your email in the “void of no return”.

Spam Filter

Every email client has filtering software embedded within their service. Essentially this software is in charge of identifying trigger words and indicators within the content of the email that come off as “spam-like”. If enough trigger words are found throughout the email, it will send it to the recipients spam folder.

Email Blocking

Email clients will, at times, bounce an email back at the receiving server if the content surpasses the spam folder. This is known as email blocking, and is essentially one of the first lines of defense against spam.

Blacklist and Whitelist

Blacklist is a list of IP addresses and domain addresses that are collected once they are declared spam. If an email were to be sent from the same IP or domain, it would automatically be moved to the spam folder or even be bounced back to the receiving server.

Whitelist is essentially the opposite. IP addresses and domain addresses that are accepted by the email client will be stored for future emails. Be warned though that there are times where what should be a whitelisted domain or IP is blacklisted. This is common but can be easily reversed by allowing the domain or IP to come through.

Bio: eTargetMedia offers full service marketing solutions to businesses in need of a comprehensive strategy.

Increase Your Email List Engagement with Simple Strategies

Written by: eTargetMedia

Email marketing has the potential to deliver high engagement campaigns that can give your company or business that much needed boost in traffic and sales. One of the most successful ways to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns is to avoid common mistakes that many marketers are adept to making.

Avoiding Segmentation

Customer data has been easier than ever to collect thanks to the availability of a variety of tools and the fact that customers are more willing to share their personal information. eTargetMedia’s email marketing campaigns ensure that you are sending the most relevant content to your customers. By segmenting your data into customized lists based on purchases, time since last purchase, and more, you’ll maximize your open rates and increase conversions. Remember, by thinking outside the box, you’ll gain the upper hand in sales.

Straying Off-Topic

Every marketer knows what a call-to-action is. It’s essential for an email marketing campaign as it should naturally push the viewer to look into the specific product or service. On the other hand, multiple calls-to-action won’t just annoy the reader, but they’ll kill your clickthrough rates. Focus on a single call-to-action and wrap your email around it. At eTargetMedia, we understand that even the most effective engagement strategies come from a basic call-to-action done by the business or company.

The Bottom Line

The effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is dependent on the strategies that you decide to incorporate within your email lists. Millions of emails are floating around in mailbox’s waiting to be read. The competition may be fierce, but the right strategy could put yours over the top.

Growth of Email Marketing Continues in 2015

Email has become a vital tool for marketers over the past few years and 2015 is no different. In fact, this year is shaping up to become the biggest year ever for email marketing. A recent survey showed that the first six months of 2015 had the highest number of emails opened per consumer in history. This trend shows no signs of slowing down as more people than ever are relying on emails to help guide their purchasing decisions.


One of the main reasons that email marketing is so popular is the ubiquity of smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices. Today almost everyone has immediate access to their email on a device and typically will check their emails on a regular basis. People are shopping on their mobile devices more frequently than ever as well, giving email marketers a clear path to guide customers through the sales process.


The rise in email marketing also means that there is more competition in the email boxes of your potential customers as an increasing number of businesses are using email as a primary marketing method. You need to understand the proper tactics to follow in order to make sure you are getting the right message to the right audience.


One way to do this is to make sure you are using email lists from eTargetMedia, which can be parsed and segmented to ensure that you are only sending messages to the contacts mostly likely to be interested in your goods or services. In addition, eTarget Media offers creative services to help your company plan and execute to help your company create branded HTML emails that will connect with your audience.

eTargetMedia Simplifies Email Marketing

eTargetMedia-Simplifies-Email-MarketingWritten by: eTargetMedia

Spreading word about your company’s products to your target audience can result in lucrative propositions, as well as an increase in cash flow. Your marketing goals should include contacting consumers in your niche market through email, and targeted email lists have proven to be an effective means.

eTargetMedia understands the difficulty of creating an email list that will generate high quality leads. Furthermore, the competition of other businesses in the same market as you places pressure on you to one up “the other guy”.

Leave the email-targeting to the professionals. Their email lists will supply you with numerous designated niche-targeted companies and individuals. The email recipients have given eTargetMedia consent to be included within a target list. With a database of over 15 million businesses, your global reach can be expanded which in turn will increase your public exposure.

Targeting specific consumers in your niche and exposing them to your service through email is a tried and true method to generate leads. Local and global companies continuously search the Internet for a revolutionary service or product. By providing them with a simple pitch, you can build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship that can grow into a larger-scaled proposition. The opportunities are endless and with the help of an effective target list, you’ll be one step ahead of your competition.

You could become the next industry leader. eTargetMedia can help. Expectations are high when it comes to closing out a deal. Aggressive competition, similar products, and a narrow scope of clientele make owning a targeted email list a must for your business.



Three Tips for Improving Your Email Append Campaign

Three Tips for Improving Your Email Append CampaignOne of the most effective ways to grow your list of contacts for email marketing campaigns is by doing an email append. This is the process of merging your database of customer contacts with a list of contact from a third party such as eTargetMedia to add emails to your existing contacts. This lets you reach out to customers who are already familiar with your business in a new way.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your email append campaign:

Provide as much detail in your contact database as possible. Giving eTargetMedia as much information as possible lets us be as accurate as possible when matching contacts to email address. Along with giving us basic information like names, cities and states, make sure you give us other information such as addresses (including apartment numbers) and any relevant phone numbers. Any of these can be used as a way to verify a contact.

Target the right contacts. In order to send emails, you need to have a previous relationship with a contact. This doesn’t mean that they need to be your customer, but they need to have reached out to you in the past. This could be anything from emailing you for more information to scanning their card at your tradeshow booth.

Send a strong initial email. Keep in mind that these contacts will be receiving an email from you for the first time. Make sure that this initial email clearly states that they are receiving it as an invitation to opt-in to future emails and that they will not get additional emails unless they give you permission. State the reasons why they can benefit from being a part of your email distribution list.