eTargetMedia Ranked #1 For Data Card Quality



eTargetMedia, a leading email marketing company, has been Ranked #1 again for Top List Managers For Data Card Quality by NextMark. eTargetMedia has consistently Ranked #1 for the 100-249 lists category and has enjoyed this prestigious recognition for over 10 years. NextMark ranks the top list managers by the quality of their data card portfolios. The data card quality score is calculated by analyzing over 74,000 data cards and rating the datacard quality on 13 key attributes, including how often the datacards are updated, base list price, list description, list source, list segmentation, list selects, geography selects, list categorization, contact information and more.

eTargetMedia oers over 200+ data lists with over 200 million email records to reach a wide variety of audiences with precision targeting. Our comprehensive lists oer an unrivaled range of selectivity to help you zero in on the right prospects with precision. Our email marketing experts have an unmatched commitment to client success and we oer the very best email marketing, display advertising, postal marketing, email append and creative solutions to clients. As a DMA Member and Certified ANA Marketing Professional company, we adhere to the best practices and industry guidelines. Our meticulous list hygiene keeps our database among the most responsive on the market. View all of our targeted lists online at:

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