Microtargeting Your Email Audience

micro-targeting-480x340Creating a successful email campaign means getting the right message to the right audience. You can’t do this if you don’t know exactly who is receiving your emails. Your first instinct might be to blast your emails out to as many people as possible but this scattershot approach has very limited success and a very low Return on Investment (ROI).

The right approach is to target your email communications to the right audience. Working with a company such as eTargetMedia that has a large and well-organized database of email contacts is a great first step for getting your email campaign on track. By microtargeting your email campaigns, you have the best bet to reach potential customers and will get the most value out of your investment.

Microtargeting has long been associated with political campaigns. Candidates often hire telemarketing companies to perform “robocalls” to potential voters. They make sure that the calls are reaching the right people by drilling down their call lists as much as possible. This includes using consumer data such as age, household income and personal interests to create as complete of a profile of a person as possible and then matching that with a likely voter for a candidate.

But microtargeting isn’t just for political campaigns. Small businesses can benefit by using the same concepts to discover and communicate with potential customers. Even if you don’t have a detailed customer list to use, you can still start a microtargeted campaign. eTargetMedia has a list of more than 150 million consumers and 15 million businesses with demographic and lifestyle information. This makes it easy to parse, segregate and target the data to reach out the right potential customers.

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