Zero In on the Right Prospects with Targeted Postal Lists

Using Postal Lists to Engage the Right Prospects

Creating and utilizing the right postal lists is an integral part of any successful direct marketing campaign. With the comprehensive postal marketing files available through eTargetMedia, you can identify and convert the right prospects using an unparalleled range of lifestyle and demographic selectivity. Since our postal marketing lists are updated often, you can count on receiving a regular dose of fresh data when you need it most.

Is your company focused on customer retention or cross-selling? Our unique databases can provide you with the specific information you need about your customers to not only keep but also grow existing relationships.

If your direct marketing efforts are just not cutting it, use our data to enhance the impact, reach, and effectiveness of your campaign. You can discover valuable data about how prospects spend their money, how they live, where they work, and the interests they own.

Created with various data sources, our comprehensive database features purchase history, demographic, and lifestyle information on over 150 consumers. It also includes the same data on over 15 million businesses professionals.



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