Three Tips for Converting Email Prospects to Customers

Getting people to open your marketing emails is only part of the process of creating a successful campaign. Your ultimate goal is to make sure that people read the content, are engaged with what they read and become customers of your goods or services. To help you convert your email prospects, eTargetMedia presents three basic steps that everyone should do before embarking on an email campaign:

Have a Targeted Email List: The worst thing that you can do is send out a great email to a list that reaches the wrong people. You need to deliver your email messages to a targeted group of recipients in the same way that you would make sure that your ad campaigns are being delivered to the proper channels to reach your customers. This problem can be solved by using a targeted email list from eTargetMedia, that has been targeted to include recipients that are relevant to your business.

Provide High Value Content: If a person opens an email from you and determines that you aren’t providing them with relevant and informative content, there’s a good chance they won’t open another email from you. Always make sure your emails are filled with information customers can actually use instead of simply being promotional.

Follow Up On Important Emails: If you are launching a new product or service, you’ll want to do more than simply send out one email to your customer base. You can schedule a campaign to send out follow up emails after customers have taken certain actions such as clicking through to your site or going to your shopping cart.

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